Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Muppet murder and Klingons

              I was recently invited to perform with Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project at a Klingon Language class. They're preparing for the upcoming production of A Klingon Christmas Carol, which Il Troubadore and I will be opening for. I decided to recycle the blue girl body stocking idea to make an Orion Slave Girl costume. I used my stash of silk dyes to render a nude bodystocking green. This was the result:
              It looks like I have murdered Kermit the Frog in order to dance around in his skin like some sort of deranged psychopath.  I ended up pairing it with my gold costume and some green face-paint.
Not to shabby

              It was a fun-filled evening in which I danced to Klingons singing "Mr. Roboto." This is something beginning dancer me would have never thought professional dancer me would be doing years later but unexpected adventures are often the most fun.
Jon and I after the show

Sunday, October 16, 2011

gold costume complete

I finally got around to adding some beading to the side straps of my gold costume. I went with a peacock feather design to match the peacock medallion in the center of the bra, and the peacock panel skirt I'm making. I also bought some gold stud ribbon at Joanne's which I cuts apart (It was 4-5 studs wide originally) to create a border. I used 2 sizes of seed beads, 2 different sequins, and bugle beads. I chose varying shades of gold so that the design didn't blend together.

Here's the whole shebang: Don't ask what is going on with my hair because the answer is too much!

Now it's ready to wear for the wedding of my long-time friend and dance partner, Rae Raks.Here's a video of the costume in action (with bonus Ami Amore). After seeing it in action I think I want to make a less sheer skirt to use with it.

This costume is even more fun with a red skirt and sequined harem pants I bought from Marquis Mark and a lovely veil dyed by my friend Christine for my birthday. I also later removed the giant coins on the straps as my hair kept becoming entangled in them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

gold costume

Ok, so I got so excited about sewing this costume that I didn't take any in-the-works shots. The bra cups are done but I still need to add some pizazz to the side straps. I've had a gold peacock necklace medallion hanging around my craft area for a while and was thrilled that I could finally put it to use as my centerpiece. First I cut the original straps off of my bra and made new ones out of interfacing and gross-grain ribbon. Then I covered it all in ivory fabric, then a sheer gold sparkle fabric I received from Marquis Mark. Over both of those I added the chest area of the showgirl costume. I used gold seadbeads to outline the cups, and coins from an old belt my mom gave me on the straps.
 As predicted, I did end up going to the Asian jewelry stores with Steph and Mark, where we loaded up on bling. I bought several necklaces which I'm going to sew onto the belt and bra. I also picked up a lovely sequined scarf that I'm going to turn into a simple panel skirt.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show girl find

I live down the street to an amazing costume shop that often sells off the costumes it makes for local productions. I scored this awesome showgirl costume from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum for about 20 bucks.
I think this will make a great bellydance costume with a little work. I especially love the sleeves which I'll keep for armbands. My spidey senses tell me there will be a trip to the Asian jewelry market for supplies in my near future.