Thursday, September 15, 2011

gold costume

Ok, so I got so excited about sewing this costume that I didn't take any in-the-works shots. The bra cups are done but I still need to add some pizazz to the side straps. I've had a gold peacock necklace medallion hanging around my craft area for a while and was thrilled that I could finally put it to use as my centerpiece. First I cut the original straps off of my bra and made new ones out of interfacing and gross-grain ribbon. Then I covered it all in ivory fabric, then a sheer gold sparkle fabric I received from Marquis Mark. Over both of those I added the chest area of the showgirl costume. I used gold seadbeads to outline the cups, and coins from an old belt my mom gave me on the straps.
 As predicted, I did end up going to the Asian jewelry stores with Steph and Mark, where we loaded up on bling. I bought several necklaces which I'm going to sew onto the belt and bra. I also picked up a lovely sequined scarf that I'm going to turn into a simple panel skirt.