Sunday, October 16, 2011

gold costume complete

I finally got around to adding some beading to the side straps of my gold costume. I went with a peacock feather design to match the peacock medallion in the center of the bra, and the peacock panel skirt I'm making. I also bought some gold stud ribbon at Joanne's which I cuts apart (It was 4-5 studs wide originally) to create a border. I used 2 sizes of seed beads, 2 different sequins, and bugle beads. I chose varying shades of gold so that the design didn't blend together.

Here's the whole shebang: Don't ask what is going on with my hair because the answer is too much!

Now it's ready to wear for the wedding of my long-time friend and dance partner, Rae Raks.Here's a video of the costume in action (with bonus Ami Amore). After seeing it in action I think I want to make a less sheer skirt to use with it.

This costume is even more fun with a red skirt and sequined harem pants I bought from Marquis Mark and a lovely veil dyed by my friend Christine for my birthday. I also later removed the giant coins on the straps as my hair kept becoming entangled in them.

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