Sunday, March 25, 2012

A new costume is hiding in here somewhere

              Somewhere in this pile of tacky evening wear from the 90s is a bellydance costume longing to be set free. 
  First I removed the sleeves which I saved to recycle into armbands.

Next I cut the straps off of my bra as usual. I usually use a plain black or nude foam bra but I had this polka dot one laying around that I never wore because it didn't fit me. I must have bought it thinking I'd eat enough cupcakes to fit into it. Unfortunately/fortunately I was wrong.
I cut out some of the beaded area from the red and black ugly shirt that I wanted to decorate my bra with. I think I used fray-check around the edges so I wouldn't lose too many beads. 

  I pinned it so I could get an idea of what I wanted before I started sewing. 
After I committed to a design I took some fabric from the back shirt to use as my base underneath the red design.
Then I pinned and sewed both layers to the bra.
 I decided for my centerpiece I was going to hand bead an applique and fringe. I did so buy cutting my desired shape out of stiff interfacing. I then covered it in my base fabric so that it could be seen in between the beads instead of ugly white interfacing. I added a red rhinestone in the middle to give it some extra bling. After my applique was completed I hand beaded black and red fringe using large bugle beads.

I found an old blouse applique in one of my craft boxes with I decided to add to the bra to obtain more coverage. The sides of this will be sewn to the straps as well as the cups.

Of course I didn't take photos of the straps in progress but will make sure I do this on the next costume. 
I cut my belt shape out of interfacing and covered it with my base fabric and my decoration fabric. I did the belt in two pieces as I think this makes it easier for later adjustments if I gain or lose weight, which I often do. I decided to add some rhinestones and a couple hand beaded elements as well.

Next, the painstaking task of hand beading fringe. I really need to get myself a bead spinner. It wouldn't have helped much with this anyway since I decided to do a design in the fringe instead of making it all one color. 

And after me yelling at beads for a few days, the costume was finally complete. I paired it with a skirt I bought in Ebay. I wore it for the Winter Light Hafla. 

I also wore it for the above Read My Hips photo shoot with Braden Nesin Photography.
This costume has since been retired. I don't think red and black suits my personality. If anyone is interested in buying it please contact me.