Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New sari + old costume = best new costume ever

              The time has come to sing a funeral dirge for my favorite red costume which was created in 2007 for this hafla:

You will be missed red costume. 
RIP 2007-2012

 I'm going to use this costume Frankenstein style to create a new, even more glorious red costume. I bought the perfect sari on Ebay recently. It's red and it has peacocks. I freakin love peacocks! It was originally up for auction but I wasn't going to take any chances on losing this baby. I contacted the seller to see if they'd list it as buy it now. The seller immediately did so, posting it at a price much much lower than I was willing to pay. I think it ended up being under 20 bucks including shipping from India! I called several dance friends afterwards because I was so excited. Peacocks! AND Red! what luck!
So first things first, I cut the straps off of a new strapless style foam bra and covered it with material left over from my black and red costume project. I hadn't used the red sequined shirt for that project at all and thought it would be perfect glittering underneath the sheer red sari fabric.
Left to right: Most wonderful sari ever, new bra covered in red sequin shirt fabric, old well-worn red costume.
The sari had little peacocks running all along the border so I decided I wanted to incorporate them into my bra design. I pinned the area to the bra before I made a cut in the fabric so I didn't accidentally cut too much. With this sari I couldn't run out to the fabric store and buy more fabric if I messed up.

 Next I cut the center design off of my old red costume and pined it to the new one. 
Next I tore apart a rhinestone necklace I bought at Charming Charlies. I bought 3 necklaces in their clearance section for $6 total! I glued those to the bra using jewel glue (E6000 would also be a good choice). In addition to this, I cut the center fringe off of the old costume and added it to the new one. I did this buy cutting the whole center out of the old costume which I then sewed to the back of the new one. If I was smart I would have taken a photo of the back for you. Sadly I was so engrossed in sewing that I didn't think of it.

Stay tuned for fancy shmancy belt decorating.

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