Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peachy costume 2: Return of the beading needle.

I decided to create a belt shape with a pointed center with curves over the thighs to accent them and add for ease of forward movement of the leg at the hip joint.

 Next I cut out my base fabric and pinned it in place. I like to cover my belts in two separate pieces because my weight often fluctuates. Having my belt in two pieces means I can easily make adjustments to make my belt larger or smaller later on without having to worry about making any of my designs off center. After I cover them I sew them together.
I have no idea why I didn't cover it with my second layer of fabric before I sewed it in half...oh well. Since my fabric was sheer I put it over my belt so I could ensure the design lined up the way I wanted.
I decided to make some paisley appliques for the belt and shoulder straps so I cut the design out of my interfacing and covered them with my base fabric as well. I attempted to machine sew these but I had a hard time with the shape, size, and the number of pins I had to use to I ended up hand stitching them instead.
I beaded these the same way I did the one for the bra. I also created straps using my usual method shown in my red peacock costume blog, using gross grain ribbon and interfacing.  I chose not to hand bead my fringe for this costume, instead opting to buy some Egyptian fringe on Ebay.

 I also decided to create some bejeweled leggings to match the costume. I used jewel glue and E6000 to apply rhinestones and sequins. It was a totally annoying process, but well worth the effort.
Photo by Nina Pak
Photo by Detlef Koertge

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