Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peachy Nudie costume In the works

              For this costuming I'm using another sari I bought from Blondie McBlonderson. It came with some extra shiny peach fabric to make a blouse. I'm going to use this as my base fabric.             
               As always, I started by cutting the straps off of a strapless bra. Strapless bras are built to take stress from different angles which is important if you want your straps to be angled differently or if you want a halter style strap. I usually buy my bras one cup size smaller and one number size bigger. This is partially because I can almost never find an inexpensive bra in my size and I'm not paying $40 or more for a bra I'm going to destroy. Another reason I do this is I feel it gives me more coverage while still giving me the lift I want. If you want more coverage always go a number size larger, which makes the cups wider, than a letter size larger, which makes the cups deeper, unless you're going for a torpedo boob look. This may not be an issue for girls with normal or smaller sized breasts, I have no idea. 
Look! I actually took an in process shot of something!

              I layed my base fabric over the bra and pushed down in the middle to make sure I had enough to round over the cups. Then I cut around my bra leaving about 2 inches extra (extra is always better than not enough). I pinned the fabric to the bra in the center and then cut slits at the top and bottom of the middle up to where the bra starts.

              Then start pinning it in place, smoothing as you go. The larger the cup size, the more fabric you'll have left over that will need to be folded over and pinned down. You can see my extra fabric pinned over on the right side of the picture. The folds don't have to be perfectly symmetrical if you're planning on covering the whole bra with a design. 
Cut off the extra fabric is on the back. 
I hand sew my bra cover. I know some people are able to use a machine for this but I don't want to risk getting underwire stick in my machine or breaking a needle. From what I've found smaller cup sizes are easier to do on a machine. I mainly use a whipstitch to secure my fabric.
And yes, you have to cover your bra, I don't care how pretty the bra looked when you bought it. A good cover can make the difference in your bra looking like a professional costume, and it looking like you just sewed some beads to a regular bra...which of course is what we're doing, but we don't want the general public to be able to tell.
              Next I used the sheer sari fabric in the same manner as the base layer. 
While I had all of my fabric out I decided to cut out a decorative accent piece. I put it in place to make sure it was the right size.

  The I covered it with my base fabric. 
Since I'm going to fully bead this, I'm not going to cover it with the sari fabric, just the base fabric.
Next I begin placing my decorations. I bought my rhinestones from

And Whabam! Done!
The rhinestone chain was from Joanne's, as were the seed beads, and the white rhinestones were from my others old wedding dress. 
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...

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