Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red Costume Straps

              I always use gross-grain ribbon for my straps as it doesn't stretch and is fairly sturdy once you cover it. I usually go with the 1" ribbon but this time I went with a wider ribbon. I think it's 1.5".
I do the ribcage straps first because they're the straps that are actually holding your costume on. Shoulder straps are mainly for adjustment purposes.
              First I pin the ribbon onto the bra in the lower center. Then I wrap it around myself and safety pin it in the back (it's easier if you have someone to help you). Next I pin ribbon to the armpit area and connect it to the lower ribbon to create a triangle. After all ribbons are pinned in place, I undo the safety pin to take the bra off. 
              When that's done I cut two pieces of interfacing out that are the same size of the two triangles I just created.
 Then sew it all together. This can be done on a machine. Hooray!
After you get that sewn, cover both triangles with your fabric.

Then just hand sew it to your bra. I use stronger thread for this because I don't want my straps falling apart while I dance.
              I found that using the wider ribbon on the shoulder straps was much more comfortable that then 1" ribbon I've been using. I feel less tension on my shoulders with it.
            If you take a look at the bra cups you'll notice that I also made 2 more beaded paisley appliques that match the one I made for the belt closure. I felt like the bra needed more bling.  
Also not shown here; I added sequins along the border of my ribcage straps along with some more rhinestones from the Charming Charlie necklace I mentioned earlier.

The costume is almost complete!

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