Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red peacock belt

              I knew I wanted to incorporate the two large peacocks from the sari onto my belt. I originally cut the belt so that it would close on the side. I soon realized that I'd have to cut the peacocks to make that work. In the end I redid the belt so that it would have a front closure. I decided to do a fun wavy design with the belt shape. After I cut the shape out, I covered the belt just as I did the bra.

              I thought the costume would look ugly with a front closure so I decided to make an applique that would cover the closure. I cut the shape out of interfacing and covered it with my fabric. Then I added some bugle and seed beads along the border.

              I considered leaving it like this but then I thought "NO! MOAR BLING!"

              So I blinged the heck out of it with sequins and rhinestones. I topped it all off with hand beaded fringe.
Crotch bling.
              I added a coordinating design on the back of the belt as well.

              Then I added 4" fringe, that I bought on Ebay. Afterwards I lined it with red silk that came from an old shirt my husband bought during a trip to China.

Sumptuous waterfalls of sumptousness.
In our next adventure: Straps.

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