Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The birth of Chewbecky

In order to make my wookiee mask more pretty I decided to create a new mouth for it. I made it out of brown air-dry clay so I didn't have to deal with baking it or anything. By using the air-dry clay I could let it dry in place. I also felt that this clay was more lightweight which would be easier to attach to the mask.

 I painted it with acrylic paints. I chose a sexy shade of pink that I highlighted with glitter. Apparently my wookiee had her teeth done too.
I added more fur around the mouth so it looked less like she had a mustache.
I also added false eyelashes the night of the show but I don't have picture.
One of the main problems I had with this costume is that it was insanely hot. Also I'm claustrophobic and I hate wearing masks for this reason. The air holes were in the mouth, which I had covered with clay, so I had to create new air holes in the nose. Dancing in this thing was more than slightly terrifying. And to make it even more so, I decided to dance with a cane. This was crazy since I had to wear giant hairy rubber gloves.  But no one died so it was a winning combination.Oh and to make things even scarier I was completely improving this dance and had never heard the entire song before.
Here's a video.

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