Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silver costume part 2: bra cups.

The design was looking fairly boring with just the peacock feathers so I decided to add a bunch of rhinestones and large sparkly beads in the open spaces.

I also added a border at the top of the cups with various sizes of beads.
At this point I still wasn't very excited with the design. It wasn't colorful enough for my tastes. Plus I'm not a huge fan of silver. I decided to cover the other bra cup with fringe.

Then I added more fringe.
More fringe! And some rhinestones.
And then...
Now I feel like it's pretty fabulous.
I just hope my hair doesn't get all tangled up in my sumptuous fringe.
Next time: The belt! dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Silver costume and a short rant on straps

My mother in law gave me a lovely pair of silver, teal, and chocolate brown colored earrings recently. Upon realizing that I didn't own a costume that matched them I thought I had better get to work creating one. I journied to the magical world of Joanne's where much to my delight, there was a sale on fancy sequined fabrics. I bought some awesome silver fabric to use for my costume, as well as some super dazzling gold sequined fabric which I plan on using at a later date.
The first thing I did when I returned home was turn on Dr. Who, the second thing I did was make a skirt. I don't usually start by making a skirt but I thought the silver fabric would look good with my Klingon ensemble for the Klingon Christmas Carol. I made a skirt with a train but decided it was too hard to dance in. I bustled the train up in the center instead of taking the train out altogether which created a swishy tail.

A few days later I started on the bra by removing the straps and covering the cups in my base fabric. I had already picked up a variety of beads from Hobby Lobby earlier in the week. I decided to use peacock feathers in the my design again (what a surprise).

As usual I am using a strapless foam bra that I got at target for $16. I cut all of the straps off before I do anything else. You may be able to get away with just covering the straps if you have a smaller cup size, but anything C and up would create too much bouncing while you dance in my opinion. Anything E and up maybe give you facial injuries when you do a chest pop. Chest pops are serious business, take off the elastic straps, for safety purposes. I've seen many dancers who don't even bother covering the straps thinking no one will notice that they're just wearing a decorated bra from Victoria's Secret. If you're dancing with adjustable sliders on your bra, someone (usually another snobby costume nazi like myself) will notice and will assume this is your first costume and you're a student dancer. I've gone over how to do straps in a couple of my blogs now (the red peacock costume I know has one) but I plan on making a post dedicated to straps and giving intimate details on how to make them soon.

After all of that  business was taken care of I covered my bra with my silver fabric. I bought my beads at Michael's.  I like to use different size beads on my costumes to add texture. When I first started costuming I was too afraid to use anything other than seed and bugle beads. I bought these sequins several years ago at http://www.ccartwright.com/ when I was making troupe costumes for Flowers of Araby. I knew the leftovers would come in handy some day.

I thought the costume was coming along nicely. My cat however, was less enthusiastic.
Bacon fails to be impressed.

I got some of my inspiration for my feather shape from one of Ozma's costumes that I've been admiring for years. She's so talented.
I just got a new camera so I'll be able to take better photos of my beadwork in upcoming blogs. I'm excited I won't have to rely on my terrible phone camera anymore. I've finished the bra cups at this point but I don't have the photos uploaded yet. It will be in my next post.